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Many marketing plans are very complicated and difficult to understand. That's why we've deliberately kept our compensation plan very simple. But you still have to deal with it. If you don't feel like doing the math yourself, and instead you want to see the results instantly, simply use our commission calculator.

With our commission calculator you can find out how much you can earn with just a few clicks. So you can quickly and easily calculate many "what if..." situations or see what is necessary to achieve the desired income.

First you can enter the number of your sales/ recommendations.
These are the monthly orders mediated by you. For example, if you only convince 3 prospects every week, it's about 12-15 per month. Since customers can reorder monthly, your monthly orders/recommendations will increase to approximately

  • 25 in the second month
  • 35 in the third month and
  • 100 per month after a year. (Note: Of course, it is taken into account here that some customers also drop out after a few months and do not reorder.)

If you feel like it, you can also set up your own team. We have labeled your direct team partners with A to E. If they recommend something successfully, you will also benefit from it. In the commission calculator you simply enter the monthly sales of your direct team partners in the "Number of sales/ recommendations" fields.
If your team partners have set up their own teams, you simply enter the team's monthly sales in the "Number of sales from his team" fields.

Then simply press the Calculate now button and you will see what you can earn and how the commissions are made up. Of course you can then have various options calculated and then decide without any pressure whether you want to become a mr.NUTRI brand ambassador.

Own sales per month Number of own sales:
own sales:

Your team's sales per month Number of sales: Number of sales from his/ her team:
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