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As a brand ambassador, you are an independent partner of mr. NUTRI, a young and modern owner-managed company from Schleswig-Holstein. Recommend exclusive, high-quality products. Of course, you don't have to invest in inventories or salesrooms, as is necessary with other start-ups. With us you can build your own business risk-free.

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As an independent mr.NUTRI brand ambassador, you can freely determine your working hours and workplace.
That means: You alone decide where, when, with whom and, most importantly, how much you want to work. We know that when passion and business comes together, we at mr.NUTRI achieve almost everything. And the best? Getting started is easy and costs nothing.

If you are interested or want to know more, get in touch with us.

In the first conversation we find out whether a cooperation makes sense. We are currently making around 25% of interested parties an offer to cooperate with us. The requirement is that we are 100% convinced of you. Anything else would not make sense for you and us and would be a waste of time.

mr. NUTRI brand ambassador


  • no obligations
  • no entry fees
  • can be implemented immediately - from home

Enthusiasm and motivation, that's all you need for a successful start.

We are happy to support motivated partners in the expansion and help you to reach new levels.

mr. NUTRI brand ambassador career

earnings and career

  • 20% sales commission
  • up to 30% performance commission extra
  • you can set up your own team

With the sales commission, you earn money on every single product that you recommend.
The more satisfied customers and team partners you have, the more you benefit from performance commissions. So your success is entirely in your hands.

mr. NUTRI brand ambassador risks


  • no running costs
  • no minimum sales
  • no notice period

You cannot build your own existence with less risk.

You can start at any time and stop at any time - without losing anything. As a brand ambassador at mr. NUTRI there are no limits to your ambition and your pursuit of success, everything is possible.

Are you looking for self-employment with flexible working hours and an attractive income?

We should get to know each other.
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced salesperson, whether full-time or as a part-time job - we give you the opportunity to become your own boss and build a successful company together with us. You take care of the on-site consultation and we do the rest.

  • TOP quality at competitive prices
  • all products are "Made in Germany"
  • no minimum sales and no pressure
  • no entry fees and no running costs
  • can be implemented immediately - from home
  • business opportunity part or full time - online or offline
  • 20% sales commission from the 1st sale
  • up to 30% extra commissions
  • passive income through recurring customer orders
  • no previous knowledge necessary

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become a mr.NUTRI brand ambassador

Discover the advantages of a partnership

mr. NUTRI brand ambassador - building your own success

You are your own boss

Start your own business with mr. NUTRI at your own pace - no pressure and no risk.
Benefit from our success and our experience and start a successful career in direct sales.

mr. NUTRI brand ambassador income

Extra Income

We offer you the cheap and low-risk opportunity to build up an additional income based on your performance and motivation.

Set your goals, we will help you to implement them

mr. NUTRI brand ambassador - build your wealth

Time for family and hobbies

as a Mr. NUTRI brand ambassador you are independent, but not alone. You decide how much time you want to invest and when and where you work.

We support you, no matter your decision.

Frequently asked questions

In order to save you and us time, we have prepared frequently asked questions including answers. If you have more questions, we look forward to hearing from you.

You do not have to invest any money in advance to buy products and promotional materials. However, since you will be independent, you need a valid business registration. The costs vary and are between 20 and 35 euros depending on your home city or town.
Mr. NUTRI offers you network marketing without costs and without risk. You can earn a good and regular income without spending money on founding a company.

Get started now and use the contact form to request initial information free of charge.
We offer you a business that can usually be built up as a part-time job. Therefore, there is no need to quit your job or be available 24 hours a day.

You decide how many hours and what work you want to invest in the mr.NUTRI business opportunity.
Whether you're part-time or full-time; Do you want to work 4 hours a week or 20 hours - or not at all - it's entirely your decision. Furthermore, there is no obligation to develop the activity as a brand ambassador as a main job. If you want, you can also work part-time on a permanent basis.

We share the tasks. You are our regional face and contact person on site and we will take care of the rest.
This means that you don't need storage space or warehousing and you don't have to take care of the shipping and the bills either.
No effort and no risk for you!

You can determine your earnings yourself. The decisive factor is your commitment of time, your willingness to perform and your will to succeed. You can find an example calculation here: Marketing plan

Of course you can cancel informally and without giving reasons in writing at any time.

You don't need to have any special training or sales experience. Motivation and ambition are more important than your CV. Commitment, team spirit and willingness to perform are also necessary in order to be a successful brand ambassador at mr.NUTRI.

We expect our independent brand ambassadors to advise customers competently and honestly in order to enhance the reputation of mr.NUTRI and not to damage it.

No, you decide for yourself what training and support you need.

For many reasons already mentioned, it makes sense to cooperate with us.
We are young and motivated, have great products in a rapidly growing market and a convincing marketing concept.
We offer you a business with a future - absolutely risk-free.

So, what are you waiting for?

Mr. NUTRI brand ambassadors are responsible for
  • present and convey products to new customers
  • continuing to sell products to existing customers
  • and, if you wish, support others to start and grow their own business
  • Of course, only you set your own pace and can organize your own schedule so that it suits your life.
    You don't have to achieve monthly goals either, you set your own goals. But the more products you sell, the higher your income can be.

    We offer you as much support as you need. In addition to advice and training, you can also receive numerous advertising materials from us.

    Of course you can set up your own website and offer our products online.

    Direct selling is the direct sale of products from the manufacturer to the end customer off-premises without an intermediary.

    Network marketing, multi-level marketing or structured sales are often confused with a pyramid scheme. The difference between the illegal pyramid scheme and the legal and ethically correct network marketing is simply explained here:

    Pyramid scheme
    With the pyramid scheme, the concept only works with constant new team partners who pay money into the system. In typical pyramid schemes, these funds are not invested in real products, only in bounty rewards. pyramid schemes against consumers are prohibited in the European Union!

    Network Marketing (direct sales)
    In the legal distribution system of network marketing, you can only earn money through direct sales. This means: you don't necessarily have to build a structure. In addition, a networker still receives an income even if no more new people come into his system, because he receives his share of customer sales month after month. Furthermore, no bounties are paid in network marketing, but money is only spent on products, that means as a business partner you get an equivalent value in return.

    Why do some not get fit even though they are a member of a gym. Just going there consistently and working hard makes you fit. Starting and building a business does not mean that you will make money from it. Our concept offers you the opportunity to earn money. How you use them is entirely up to you and your commitment.

    YES! I would like to learn more and need some information.