mr. NUTRI - Applications

mr. NUTRI - Applications

How do you like the idea of ​​making extra money every month?

As you probably know, we develop and distribute nutritions without intermediaries. Since this form of sales (direct sales) is very widespread and successful is, it is occasionally misused as a Pyramid scheme. This is of course forbidden. We clearly distance ourselves from it. Fortunately there are authorities and groups that monitor this. We only focus on high-quality products.

For example, we are one of the first companies to help parents reduce obesity in children and young people. Especially in recent years (corona, lockdown, computer games), children and young people have exercised less, eat unhealthily and therefore gained weight. Now guess why the need for our unique products is so high right now?

In addition, we offer motivated people the opportunity to build up a permanent additional income on a part-time basis. You can certainly imagine that our successful partners earn an above-average amount of money.

Mr. NUTRI is probably one of the first companies to deal intensively with nutritions for children. If you trust current statistics, almost 20% of all children in Germany are overweight. That's almost 3 million children in Germany alone.

Furthermore, we support our brand ambassadors in optimizing customer acquisition to the maximum, in order to make the activities as profitable as possible. The goal is for you to be able to earn a lot of money on a permanent basis, even when you're not working.

Our brand ambassadors are people from almost all professional groups, who want to work freely and independently (in terms of time and money).

What makes us unique?
We are the inventors of nutritional supplements specifically for children and young people and a winning formula for distribution. These two formulas make growth extremely easy. The result is that most of our brand ambassadors can quickly generate a four to five figure side income within a year.

We're not producers or sellers, we're real-world, down-to-earth entrepreneurs. We are extremely structured and get to the heart of our instructions so clearly that they are very easy for you to implement.

as Mr. As a NUTRI brand ambassador, you represent us in your region and recommend our products.

You don't have to sell anything. All parents have already decided that their children should grow up healthy and not overweight. You're just offering great support products to parents. And get generous commissions for that.

If you wish, you can also build your own team. You lead, supervise and motivate your team. Of course, your income will increase with team sales.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced salesperson, whether full-time or as a part-time job - we give you the opportunity to become your own boss and build a successful company together with us. You take care of the on-site consultation and we do the rest.

  • TOP quality at competitive prices
  • all products are "Made in Germany"
  • no minimum sales and no minimum order value
  • no entry fees and no running costs
  • can be implemented immediately - from home
  • no risk and no obligations
  • unique products
  • 20% sales commission from the 1st sale
  • up to 30% extra commissions
  • passive income through recurring customer orders
  • no previous knowledge necessary, we will train you
  • Business opportunities part or full time - online or offline
  • and much more.

What do you like the most?

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It could be the beginning of a new and secure future for you.

PS: Of course we will be happy to answer any questions you may have afterwards.

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