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mr. NUTRI - direct sales

About mr. NUTRI

mr.NUTRI is an international brand developed in 2021. We have specialized in the direct sale of nutritional supplements.

direct sales

We are convinced that our high-quality products should best be presented and recommended on site through personal advice. This means that we are close to the customer and can identify needs directly and react quickly.
That's why we rely on personal and honest direct sales right from the start.

Why mr. NUTRI?

We offer our customers numerous advantages, for example:

  • only natural ingredients without necessary additives
  • all products are "Made in Germany"
  • personal advice on site
  • always the same advisor
  • available on daily basis
  • direct home delivery
  • and much more.

Our premium products are not available in normal stores or supermarkets. They are generally sold directly via dedicated brand ambassadors. That is why we can offer our customers a unique price-performance ratio in addition to personal advice.

mr. NUTRI - Why we are good
mr. NUTRI - Sustainability

Sustainability and quality

We develop and distribute products with the clear goal of meeting our customers' needs for natural nutritional supplements.

Right from the start, mr.NUTRI set the biggest value on safe and first-class products. That is why we work exclusively with experienced partners. Our suppliers are carefully checked and regularly inspected. We pay strict attention to the use of high-quality raw materials and always check the composition of each individual product before approving the recipe.

mr. NUTRI stands for natural products, careful processing and the best quality.

Guidelines at mr. NUTRI

When dealing with customers, partners and other people, in addition to consumer friendliness, a serious and fair appearance is important for us. The aim of our guidelines is to protect consumers/customers and partners and to ensure satisfaction.
We have therefore established some principles of conduct and rules to ensure this.

  • We and our brand ambassadors advise customers openly, transparently and honestly.

  • Precise product information must be disclosed to the end customer/consumer. This includes for example price information, payment and return modalities as well as information on the right of withdrawal.

  • Our brand ambassadors introduce themselves before the start of a sales pitch. Furthermore, they make the business purpose transparent and make it clear in advance which products are offered. If a customer/consumer is not interested in a sales pitch, that will be respected.

  • Pushy sales are prohibited. This also includes that visits/phone calls should only take place at reasonable times, unless the customer/consumer expressly requests this.

  • Advertising calls without prior and express consent are prohibited. The phone number of the caller must also be transmitted.

  • During a sales pitch, all information about the goods must be comprehensive and truthful. It is forbidden to make dubious promises/ misleading statements in any form about the goods. If references are to be used, they must be accurate, true and current.

  • We and our brand ambassadors are obliged to show consideration for people with no commercial experience. Under no circumstances may age, illness or limited insight be used to induce customers to conclude a contract.

  • The same applies to so-called socially disadvantaged and/or foreign-language customers/prospects.

  • Brand ambassador/ team leader etc. may not guarantee, promise or suggest any other expectation of compensation to interested persons interested in becoming a Distributor. A guarantee of a specific income may not be given.

  • Employees of mr.NUTRI headquarters, brand ambassador and mr.NUTRI partners always treat each other openly, fairly and with respect.

  • Of course, this also includes dealing with partners from other distribution systems/competitors.

  • New mr.NUTRI brand ambassadors are truthfully informed about tasks/rights and obligations. It is forbidden to provide information on possible sales/acquisition opportunities or to guarantee compensation.

  • When recruiting new partners, the earning and career opportunities are presented truthfully. Of course, any costs and expenses incurred will also be pointed out.

  • Brand ambassadors are not permitted to solicit partners from other distribution systems/competitors.

  • The poaching of brand ambassadors/ partners from other teams of mr. NUTRI is strictly prohibited (for example, through promises such as better care, better career opportunities; negative statements about other mr. NUTRI partners.

  • Differences of opinion and discrepancies are not carried out publicly via the media/social media.

  • mr.NUTRI partners behave loyal towards mr. NUTRI. They try - if possible - to avert damage towards mr.NUTRI.

  • Dealing with the press, TV and radio is reserved for mr.NUTRI. Press inquiries should always be sent as quickly as possible to mr. NUTRI press department. Public statements about mr. NUTRI, other partners or other companies (social media, e.g. Facebook/ Twitter) are fair and loyal.

  • We and our brand ambassadors always behave fairly and honestly towards other companies/competitors.

  • The intentional and systematic poaching or attempts to poach partners from other companies is not permitted.

  • Misleading, false and/or disparaging comparisons to products or systems of other companies/competitors are prohibited.

Summary of our values
No one may take advantage of others through manipulation, concealment of facts, abuse of non-public information, misrepresentation of facts and other dishonest business practices.

mr. NUTRI - our values

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